Quadratic (Stainless)Quanta (Stainless)Queen Bess (Silverplate, 1946)
Ramona (Silverplate, WM A. Rogers, 1928)Raphael (Stainless, Glossy)Rattan (Stainless, Glossy, 1998)
Rembrandt Deluxe (Stainless, Glossy)Rembrandt Heirloom (Stainless, Glossy)Rendezvous (Silverplate , 1938)
Renoir (Stainless, Glossy)Reverie (Silverplate, 1937)Reyna (Stainless, Hammered)
Rio (Silverplate, Wm A. Rogers, 1939)River (Stainless, Satin/Glossy)Risotto (Stainless, 18/10, Glossy With Satin Band on Handle)
Rosalie (Silverplate, Wm A Rogers, 1938)Rose Pendant (Stainless, Glossy)Rose Shadow (Stainless, Burnished)
Rose Song (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers, 1964)Rosewood (Stainless, Burnished, Black Accent, 1990)Royal Flute (Stainless, Glossy)
Royal Harvest (Stainless, Wm A. Rogers)Royal Lace (Silverplate, 1973)Royal Rose (Silverplate, 1939)
Rushmore (Stainless, Glossy)Rylan (Stainless, Glossy/Stain Handle)Samantha (Stainless, Glossy)
Sambre (Stainless, 18/10 Glossy, Hammered, Bands)Sand Dune (Stainless, Glossy)Sandhurst (Stainless, Glossy)
Satin Aquarius (Stainless, Satin)Satin Astragal (Stainless, Satin)Satin Bristol (Stainless, Satin)
Satin Cantata (Stainless, Satin Handle, Glossy Bowl, 2003)Satin Carter (Stainless, Satin Valley)Satin Chef's Table (Stainless, Satin)
Satin Countess (Stainless)Satin Easton (Stainless, Satin Handle, Glossy Bowl)Satin Flight (Stainless, Satin)
Satin Fremont (Stainless, Satin Handle)Satin Garnet (Stainless, Satin)Satin Gloria (Stainless, Satin Handle)
Satin Icarus (Stainless, Satin Finish)Satin Larson (Stainless, Satin)Satin Lewin (Stainless 18/10, Satin)
Satin Lincoln (Stainless, Satin Handle)Satin Mercer (Stainless, Satin)Satin Moda (Stainless 18/10, Satin Finish)
Satin Sand Dune (Stainless, Satin Valley)Satin Tribeca (Stainless, Satin)Satinique Newer (Stainless, Satin)
Satin Voss (Stainless, Satin Finish)Script (Stainless, Satin/Glossy Handle)Sentimental Rose (Stainless, Burnished 1992)
Serif (Stainless, Glossy /w Satin Highlight)Shaker (Stainless, Glossy)Sharona (Stainless, Glossy, Hollow Handle)
Shasta (Stainless, Glossy)Shasta Silverplate (OHS248)Shelley (Stainless, Glossy)
Sheraton (Silverplate, 1910)Sheraton (Stainless, Hollow Handle, 1981)Shoreline (Stainless, Glossy, Community)
Shoreline Premier (Stainless, Glossy, Wm A Rogers)Silver Arbor (Silverplate, Glossy)Silver Artistry (Silverplate, 1965, Community)
Silver Clarette (Silverplate, Community)Silver Flower (Silverplate, 1960)Silver Magnolia (Silverplate, 2000)
Silver Sands (Silverplate, Community, 1966)Silver Shell (Silverplate)Simba (Stainless, Satin)
Simmer (Stainless, Partial Satin Handle)Soar (Stainless, Glossy)Song of Autumn (Silverplate, Community, 1960)
South Seas (Silverplate)Southern Baroque (Stainless, Glossy)Southern Garden (Silverplate 1989)
Spanada (Stainless, Satin Handle)Spanish Court (Stainless)Spinelle (Stainless, Satin)
Splice (Glossy /w Satin Highlight)Spring Glen (Stainless Glossy)Spring Rose (Stainless, Glossy)
Spring Valley (Stainless, Inset Rose)Stanhope (Stainless)St. Louis (Stainless, Glossy)
Stasis (Stainless, Glossy)Strathmore (Stainless, Glossy)Sunburst (Stainless, Glossy)
Surf Club (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers, 1938)Surge (Stainless, Glossy)Sutton Place (Stainless, Glossy)
Sweet Briar (Stainless, Glossy)Sweet Briar (Silverplate, Community, 1948)Tempo (Silverplate, 1930, 1881 Rogers)
Tennyson (Glossy, Stainless)Textura (Glossy, Stainless, Textured Accent)Thor (Silverplate, Simeon L & George H Rogers, 1933)
Tibet (Stainless, Hammered Glossy)Tortola (Stainless, Glossy)Toujours (Stainless, Glossy)
Tribeca (Stainless, Glossy)Trinity ( Stainless,  Satin )True Rose (Stainless, Glossy)
Tuscany (Stainless, Satin Handle /w Glossy Scroll)Twilight (Stainless, Satin Handle)Twilight (Silverplate, Glossy, Community, 1956)
Twin Star (Stainless, Glossy)