ONEIDA (Ci to L)

Circuit (Stainless, Glossy)Cirque (Stainless, Glossy/ Dots)Cityscape (Stainless, Glossy)
Classic Mood/Prescott/Deauville (Stainless, Satin)Classic Shell (Stainless, Glossy)Clarette (Stainless, Glossy)
Clairhill / Fairhill (Silverplate, 1978)Clarion (Silverplate,  1931)Colonial Artistry (Stainless, Satin)
Colonial Boston (Stainless, Satin)Colonial Mood (Stainless, Glossy, Wm A Rogers)Comet (Stainless, Glossy)
Corduroy (Stainless 18/10, Glossy)Coronation (Silverplate)Cosmic (Stainless, Glossy/Satin)
Countess (Stainless, Glossy)Country Lane (Silverplate, Wm A Rogers, 1954)Cresta (Stainless, Glossy, China)
Cyprus (Stainless, 18/10, Glossy)Damask Rose (Stainless, Glossy)Danish Court (Stainless, Glossy)
Da Vinci (Stainless, Glossy)Deauville (Silverplate, 1929)Debutante (Silverplate, Wm A. Rogers, 1934)
Del Mar (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers, 1939)Desert Sand (Stainless, Glossy)Distinction (Silverplate, 1951)
Dominica (Stainless, Glossy)Dorchester (Stainless, 18/10, Glossy, 2003)Dover (Stainless, Glossy)
Driftwood (Stainless, Glossy)Dublin (Stainless)Duet (Silverplate, 1980, Satin Inside Handle)
Dupree (Stainless, Glossy)Durango (Stainless, Glossy, Floral Tip)Dylan (Stainless, Satin)
Easton (Stainless, Glossy)Elaine (Silverplate, 1926)Ember Glow (Stainless, Burnished)
Emery (Stainless, Frost/Satin Handle and Glossy)Enchantment (Silverplate, Glossy, 1985)Enchantment/Londontown (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers, 1952)
Enchantment / Gentle Rose(Silverplate)Ensemble (Stainless, Glossy)Entwine (Stainless, Glossy Bowl, Satin/Glossy Wave Handles)
Era (Stainless, Glossy)Erika (Stainless, Glossy)Essence (Stainless, Glossy)
Eve (Stainless, Glossy)Evening Star (Silverplate)Fantasy (Stainless, Burnished)
Fantasy Rose (Stainless, Glossy)Fantasy Rose /w Gold Highlight (Stainless)Filigree (Stainless, Glossy)
First Rose / Jullian (Stainless, Burnished, 1881 Rogers)Flight (Silverplate, Community, 1963)Flight  (Stainless, Glossy)
Flirtation (Silverplate Glossy, 1881 Rogers)Floral Bouquet (Stainless, Burnished)Floral Glen (Stainless)
Floral Queen (Silverplate, 1992)Florence (Stainless, Satin, China)Folk Art (Stainless, Burnished)
Forever (Silverplate, 1939)Forte (Stainless, Glossy)Fortress (Stainless 18/10, Glossy)
Fortune (Silverplate, Community)Frederick II (Stainless, Glossy, 3 Motifs)Fredericksburg (Silverplate, Community, 1968)
Fremont (Stainless, Glossy)Frostfire (Stainless, Satin)Gable (Stainless, Glossy)
Gala / Impulse / Artesia (Stainless, Glossy)Galveston (Stainless, Glossy)Glissade (Stainless, Glossy, Curved Handle)
Gloria (Stainless, Glossy)Golden Affection (Gold Electroplate)Golden Aquarius (Stainless Glossy /w Gold Trim)
Golden Arbor / American Harmony (Stainless Gold Acc, 1992)Golden Artistry (Gold Electroplate)Golden Baroque Rose (Electroplate, 1950, 1881 Rogers)
Gold Beethoven (Gold Electroplate)Golden Belle Rose (Stainless, Glossy /w Gold Highlight)Golden Belmont (18/10 Stainless, Gold Rope)
Golden Brahms (Gold Electroplate)Gold Calla Lily (Stainless, Glossy /w Gold Highlight)Golden Chateau (Gold Electroplate)
Golden Clarette (Gold Electroplate, 1987)Golden Accent Clarette (Stainless, Gold Trim)Golden Camber (Stainless, Glossy, Gold Highlight)
Golden Damask Rose (Stainless Glossy /w Gold Accent)Golden Fantasy Rose (Gold Electroplate)Golden Flirtation (Gold Electroplate)
Golden Fredericksburg (Gold Electroplate, 1968)Golden Heiress (Gold Electroplate)Golden Juilliard (Stainless, Glossy /w Gold Accent)
Golden Kenwood (Stainless, Gold Accent)Golden Natchez (Gold Electroplate)Golden Royal Chippendale (Stainless, Gold Accent)
Golden Accent Royal Flute (Stainless, Gold Accent)Golden Royal Flute (Gold Electroplate)Golden Royal Grandeur (Gold Electroplate, 1975)
Golden Tangier (Community, Gold Electroplate)Grand Majesty (Stainless, Glossy)Grayson (Stainless, Glossy)
Grenoble (Silverplate, 1938)Groove (Stainless, Glossy)Grosvenor (Silverplate)
Gwendolyn (Stainless, Glossy)Harmony (Silverplate, Wm A Rogers, 1938)Heiress (Silverplate, Glossy)
Hollis (Stainless, Glossy)Hughes (Stainless, Glossy)Huntington (Stainless, Glossy)
Icarus (Stainless, Glossy)Illuma (Stainless, Glossy)Independence (Stainless, Satin)
Jackson (Stainless, Satin)Jagger (Stainless, Glossy, Hammered)Janet (Silverplate, 1936)
Jennifer / Ada (Silverplate, Wm A Rogers, 1959)Joann (Stainless, Satin Handle /w Glossy Edge)Jordan (Stainless, Satin, Glossy)
Juilliard (Stainless, Glossy)Katrina (Stainless, Glossy)Kennett Square (Stainless, Glossy)
Kenwood (Stainless, Glossy)King Arthur (Silverplate, 1941)King Cedric (Silverplate, 1933)
King James (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers)King James (Stainless)La Rose (Stainless, Glossy)
Lady Drake (Silverplate, 1940)Lady Hamilton (Silverplate)Lagen (Stainless, 18/10, Glossy)
Lakewood / Profile (Stainless, Satin Handle)Lakewood/Tuxedo (Stainless, Glossy)Lasting Rose (Stainless, Glossy)
Leander (Stainless, Glossy)Liberty's Light (Stainless, Glossy)Lilac Time (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers)
Lincoln / Linden (Stainless, Glossy)Linnea (Stainless, Glossy, Frosted Stripe, 2007)Longchamps/Chaumont (Silverplate, 1935)
Lorilei (Stainless, Glossy)Louisiana (Silverplate)Louisiana (Stainless, Glossy)
Lynton (Glossy, 18/10 Stainless, Bands, Flat Tip)Lynx (Stainless, Glossy & Satin Bands)